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Shading with intelligence from Loxone

Their shading provides more than just sun protection.
The intelligent automatic shading from Loxone ensures inimitable comfort, maximum energy efficiency and the greatest possible privacy in smart homes, offices and commercial properties. Operation is guaranteed to be child's play.

Loxone products for your fully automatic shading

No matter how you want to shade your building - we have the right product. With our shading drives, control units, operating elements & Co. you simply get more out of your sun protection.
Jalousien und Raffstoren eignen sich dank Ihrer beweglichen Lamellen perfekt für die optimale Nutzung der Sonnenenergie.

Shading with

Thanks to their movable slats, blinds and external venetian blinds are perfect for optimal use of solar energy.

Rollläden bieten die beste Verdunklung, den sichersten Einbruchschutz und sind unempfindlich gegenüber Wind und Wetter.

Shading with

Roller shutters offer the best darkening, the safest burglary protection and are insensitive to wind and weather.

Auf Balkon oder Terrasse bieten Markisen Schutz vor der direkten Sonne. Ihre hohe Empfindlichkeit gegenüber Wind setzt einen Sturmschutz voraus.

Shading with

Awnings on the balcony or terrace offer protection from the direct sun. Their high sensitivity to wind requires storm protection.

Beschattung mit anderen Typen

Shading with
other guys

Whether pleated blinds, sun sails, lamellar curtains, terrace or winter garden. Simply integrate any type of shading.

Beschattung mit Intelligenz von Loxone

The simple operation of your shading

Via app With our free smart home app, you can literally hold your shading control - and many other functions - in your hand.
By push-button Operation at Loxone is as simple as it is intelligent. Control all the shading, music and lighting in the room with just one button. Hand.
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