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IP cameras for integration into the network

IP cameras are surveillance cameras that form part of a self-contained television system. They are integrated into a local home or business network and are therefore also referred to as network cameras.

The integration into the network can be done using network or LAN cables (LAN cameras) or wirelessly (WLAN cameras). WLAN IP cameras are equipped with an integrated WLAN module and virtually eliminate the need for wiring.

The task of IP cameras is to record what is happening and to forward the image data to the computer network in digital form. Here the data is processed further via Internet Protocol (IP). In order for this to succeed, both LAN and WLAN cameras are connected to a router that provides Internet access. Each camera in the network is assigned an IP address, which can be used to uniquely identify and access it. Power is supplied either via the LAN cable (Power over Ethernet), via a separate power pack or via an integrated rechargeable battery.

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