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The mini server - infinitely flexible and expandable thanks to extensions


The size of your Loxone installation and the associated control requirements ultimately determine which extensions you use to expand your intelligent automation. At Loxone you will find the right extension for every requirement and dimension. Be it for the integration of a ventilation system or for the simple dimming of a light.


Automation with onboard basic technologies

Loxone offers an all-round solution for building and home automation. Depending on the version, the miniserver already has the necessary basic technologies "onboard" to integrate numerous sensors and actuators into your building and home automation.

For everything else, there are our extensions. They expand the miniserver with a multitude of additional functions. That makes Loxone infinitely flexible.


Smart home - home automation

The miniserver is the heart of home automation with Loxone. Thanks to him, the dream of a holistic smart home is finally becoming a reality.


Commercial properties

Thanks to the scalable structure, the miniserver handles all tasks relating to security, comfort, energy efficiency and the like in every building.


Special applications

The numerous interfaces, the high scalability and the powerful logic of the miniserver allow the implementation of complex control tasks.


The most powerful software for building & home automation - free & included!

With the ultimate Loxone software tool you can configure your control according to your individual requirements and wishes. In just a few hours you can implement extensive building and home automation projects yourself.

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