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Loxone - light control for every lamp on the market

No matter which light source you use in your building, Loxone illuminates every light. From LED lights to halogen and light bulbs. We also support digital interfaces such as DMX and Dali.


Your light can do more than "on" and "off"

Make more of your lighting with intelligent RGBW control and discover the various possibilities of lighting design!

Lichtsteuerung im Smart Home

Lighting control
in the smart home

Combine different lamps, light intensities and colors to create individual lighting moods. To make the room even more pleasant, we recommend using indirect lighting - such as LED strips on the ceiling or under the kitchen counter. The intelligent lighting control of your smart home can be easily controlled via the Loxone app.

Lichtsteuerung im Büro

Lighting control
in the office

Office work is hard work - for the eyes. The right lighting is therefore all the more important. It promotes the performance and motivation of your employees. Our tip: Provide general lighting with direct and indirect lighting and combine this with lighting related to the work area.

Lichtsteuerung im Gewerbeobjekt

Lighting control
in the commercial property

No matter how diverse the lighting requirements for your commercial property may be - we have the right solution! LED spots provide the necessary basic light, pendant lights set highlights and LED strips create a pleasant ambience. Thanks to numerous interfaces, you can also integrate almost any light source.

LED spots RGBW - unique light characteristics

The LED Spots RGBW score with their simple, timeless design as well as with their unique light characteristics:

Loxone RGBW Spots

Diffuse, soft colored light

Diffuse light creates a pleasant and subtle lighting atmosphere and does not dazzle. The LED spots can shine in millions of different colors.

Directed, focused warm white light

Directed or bundled light ensures excellent illumination of the entire room.

Lichtsteuerung Dimmen

Light control without limits:
DMX, DALI and much more

No matter which light source you use in your building, Loxone illuminates every light. From LED lights to halogen to light bulbs. In addition, we support digital interfaces such as DMX and DALI, which are mainly used in large projects.


What is DALI?

DALI stands for Digital Addressable Light Interface. DALI is a manufacturer-independent interface standard for dimmable electronic control gear. With the DALI protocol, data can be transmitted in both directions between the control unit and the so-called driver. Loxone supports DALI luminaires and lamps through the use of the Loxone DALI Extension.


To the Loxone Dali Extension >>

What does DMX mean?

The DMX control is based on the RS-485 industry standard and is a standardized control signal with which lamps can be controlled. It is used in stage and event technology to control dimmers, intelligent spotlights and effect devices. That is why DMX is the most important standard for lighting control in most event locations.


To the Loxone DMX Extension >>

Loxone - Lichtsteuerung für jede Leuchte auf dem Markt
Ihr Licht kann mehr als „an“ und „aus“
Machen Sie mit intelligenter RGBW Steuerung mehr aus Ihrer Beleuchtung und entdecken Sie die verschiedenen Möglichkeiten des Lichtdesigns!

Loxone lighting and more

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