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With the All-In-One dimmer you control your lighting optimally - for unique lighting moods in the Loxone Smart Home.

  • compact design
  • for top hat rail mounting
  • especially for use in the smart home
  • Can be updated with Loxone Tree & Air technology
  • for unique RGBW color lighting moods


Unique RGBW color lighting moods

The RGBW 24V dimmer enables easy control of RGBW LED lighting (such as the RGBW LED spots or the RGBW LED strips from our web shop). You can dim and color the light as you like. This creates unique lighting moods in your home!


Installation and commissioning

The right technology for every application. Thanks to the Loxone Tree technology, the RGBW 24V dimmer can be installed and commissioned in a few minutes. The RGBW 24V dimmer is available in the following versions:

The Loxone RGBW 24V Dimmer Tree and all other Tree products are put into operation via plug & play and work perfectly with all Loxone components. Thanks to the flexible cabling, commissioning is done in a few moments.


Perfect lighting for your home


When designing the RGBW 24V dimmer, attention was paid to a compact design. The dimmer fits anywhere, whether on the top hat rail or in the outlets on the ceiling.


Our RGBW 24V dimmer is optimized for use in the smart home. Operate your LED spots or LED strips using a button, smartphone, time-controlled or event-dependent. You have all options.


Commissioning the RGBW dimmer is as easy as usual. Your Loxone partner has wired the dimmer in a few simple steps and connected it to the power supply. The RGBW dimmer is now ready for operation.

RGBW 24V Dimmer Tree

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