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Accessories for intelligent home and building automation from Loxone

With us you will find everything you need for your project! Discover high-quality sensors and actuators now. LED spots, motion detectors, controls and much more!

Miniserver Extensions

Miniserver & Extensions


Loxone connects all components in the intelligent building, similar to the human nervous system. All strands run together to the brain, the mini server. Extensions add a multitude of additional functions. That makes Loxone infinitely flexible.

Loxone Beschattung



With our extensive product portfolio you can get more out of your sun protection. You can easily control and automate any shading element. Regardless of whether it is a blind, roller shutter, awning ...

Loxone Sicherheit



For us, security is more than protection against break-ins. Alarm sirens, smoke detectors, access solutions and the like protect you, your privacy and the building.

Loxone Audio

Multimedia & music


The products for our audio server ensure that your favorite song can be heard in every room. Thanks to the media control solution, you can connect and control a wide variety of home entertainment devices.

Loxone Beleuchtung


LOur high-quality LED spots and designer lights provide breathtaking light. Thanks to dimmers and numerous interfaces, you can also integrate any light source into your lighting control.

Loxone Klima

Heating, cooling & ventilation


Products that monitor the room climate around the clock and take care of the ideal combination of temperature, fresh air and humidity - this is what you can expect from Loxone.

Loxone Energie

Energy & PV


Our smart products ensure more energy efficiency through the clever control of climate, shading and consumers. This not only protects your wallet, but also the environment.

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