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Smart access control with Loxone

Loxone has a range of diverse and individual access control solutions ready for you.
The open scalability of the access solution leaves nothing to be desired. Regardless of whether you have 2 or 200 users - with Loxone you can implement exactly the access control you need for your project. Regardless of whether it is a smart home, office, hotel or other commercial project.
Smarte Zutrittskontrolle mit Loxone
Zutritt via Code & NFC

Access via code & NFC

At Loxone, access control takes place with the NFC key fob. Simply hold it to the NFC Code Touch and the gates of your building will open.

With the NFC Key Fob you have a compact and inexpensive key alternative on your key ring. If you lose it, you don't have to replace the entire lock - it is enough to delete your NFC key fob within a few seconds and create a new one.

Zutritt via Intercom

Access via intercom

With the Loxone Intercom, our app-compatible video intercom, you have an overview of what's going on in front of your door at any time and from anywhere. You can always use the app to see who would like to pay you a visit and, if necessary, open the door while on the move.

For example, you can conveniently open the front door for the parcel service from afar, or let the visitor in from the production hall.

Sie haben jederzeit die Möglichkeit Benutzer in Ihrer App hinzuzufügen. Vergeben Sie unterschiedliche Berechtigungen und entscheiden Sie selbst, wer Zutritt zu Ihrem Gebäude hat.

You can add users to your app at any time. Assign different authorizations and decide for yourself who has access to your building.

Sie werden benachrichtigt wenn es an der Tür klingelt. Sprechen Sie über die App mit Besuchern an der Tür. Sie haben einen Besucher versäumt? In der App wird ein Bild des Besuchers hinterlegt.

You will be notified when the doorbell rings. Talk to visitors at the door through the app. Missed a visitor? A picture of the visitor is stored in the app.

Legen Sie bequem via App fest, wer mit welchem Code Zutritt zum Gebäude hat. Seien es die Mitarbeiter, der Postbote, die Putzfrau oder die Nachbarn. Natürlich kann der Code auch zeitlich begrenzt werden.

Use the app to conveniently determine who has access to the building with which code. Be it the employees, the postman, the cleaning lady or the neighbors. Of course, the code can also be limited in time.

The new Intercom: The perfect access solution for your Loxone project

State-of-the-art & durable technology - Made in Germany


The game changer when it comes to intercoms!

The intercom impresses with its timeless & ultra compact design.

Die neue Loxone Intercom
Loxone Intercom
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