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With up to 12 freely definable and positionable touch points, the Touch Pure Flex Air is your 100% personalized operating device. With the integrated LED matrix display and 3 status LEDs, menus, values, texts and statuses can be output. Thanks to the integrated temperature and humidity sensor, the Touch Pure Flex also serves as a room climate sensor.


Can be ordered now and we will start delivery from July 2022. Please allow for a two-week waiting period for this product after placing your order.


With the Air variant, the display can only be used during use - with the Tree variant, the display can always be used.

*Choose from over 200 icons in our icon library and decide which function you want to control.


Pre-order now! Delivery from July (Air variant from September).



item description

The Touch Pure Flex – your 100%
personalized control


  • Air/Tree variant
  • Power supply via battery oder 24V
  • capacitive touch detection
  • Click Feedback
  • 12/14 tactile points*
  • dimmable matrix display
  • 3 optional status LEDs
  • Humidity & temperature probe
  • easy installation and commissioning
  • ideal for indoor and sheltered outdoor use
  • In combination with the Loxone Intercom (100484, 100485) a highly flexible and comprehensive access system is created
  • geeignet für die Loxone Montagerahmen (100487, 100488, 100489, 100490, 100515,_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_100516)
  • Recommended mounting height: 135 cm

*In stand-by mode, the Touch Pure Flex Air switches to energy-saving mode. The status LEDs are not available in battery operation.


choose from different configurations - or customize:

  • configure it yourself - 

How to customize your own Touch?: 
You go to the  page:
There you configure your "desired touch flex".
You can click above in the configurator on the button “Share”.
Then a link will appear.
Insert this link here with the article and you will receive your personal "desired touch flex" within a few days.




we will contact you and create a configuration for you according to your specifications


  • AC control
  • 1-3 Glocke  - 1 - 3 bell symbols enter the names in the text field (e.g. 1st Meier, 2nd Schuster). The number of names defines the number of bell symbols.




After the order, we will contact you and create a configuration according to your wishes and specifications.



The Touch Pure Flex is an individual custom-made product and therefore excluded from return.  


scope of delivery

1x Touch Pure Flex
1x mounting frame (plastic)
2x AAA batteries (for Air variant)


Touch Pure Flex

Excluding VAT