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For the designer smart home of your customers: The Touch Pure CO₂  from Loxone in an elegant, frameless design with a sensitive, high-quality real glass surface. For simple and intuitive operation of lighting, shading and other central functions.

  • made of high-quality, satined real glass
  • Ceramic-finished surface (no fingerprints visible!)
  • with integrated orientation light
  • with temperature and humidity sensor
  • with integrated CO₂ sensor for monitoring the air quality
  • Recommended mounting height: 135 cm


Exclusivity has a name: Touch Pure

High-quality material, a reduced look and a pleasant feel characterize our intuitive control element - the Loxone Touch Pure. Especially for customers with high aesthetic demands.


Temperature and humidity probe & CO₂ sensor

In addition to the temperature and humidity sensor, the Touch Pure CO2 Tree is also equipped with a carbon dioxide sensor. The intelligent Loxone system automatically ensures a comfortable room climate: It regulates temperature and ventilation without any additional sensors. In the event of a fire, your customers will be alerted immediately. You can also monitor the air quality in the room and automate the ventilation, for example.


Product video >>>


Scope of delivery:

1x Touch Pure CO₂

1x enclosed folder

1x mounting frame


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