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Simply more security - watches over people and yourself.

A building with Loxone equipment monitors whether someone approaches without authorization and raises the alarm in an emergency. It feels leaking water, warns of dangers such as fire or smoke and thus ensures optimal security in smart homes, offices or commercial properties.

And the nice thing about it: You can easily use many existing components.


Immediately informed when it matters ...

Caller Service

Caller Service

In the event of an alarm, let your smart home call you immediately and inform you about water ingress, smoke formation, etc.

Schutz vor Einbruch

Protection of man

In addition to protection against burglary, the Loxone Smart Home protects you from other lurking dangers. In the event of fire, smoke or water ingress, the intelligent building will alert you immediately: Brightly flashing light, a call or a message on your mobile phone, ... It even actively supports you and opens the shading to clear escape routes, for example.

Das Leben hält ständig Überraschungen bereit. Und zwar genau dann, wann wir am wenigsten damit rechnen. Damit Sie auch für die unerwartetsten Ereignisse gerüstet sind, schützt sich das Gebäude von ganz alleine. Beispielsweise fühlt es austretendes Wasser, registriert offene Fenster und Türen, bewahrt Ihre Beschattung vor Schäden durch Wind und Frost, uvm.
Per Loxone App können Sie jederzeit den Status Ihrer Alarmanlage einsehen und diese aktivieren. Im Fall der Fälle werden Sie sofort informiert und können per App die Alarmmeldung lokalisieren. Auch aus der Ferne.

Loxone app

You can use the Loxone App to view the status of your alarm system and activate it at any time. If the worst comes to the worst, you will be informed immediately and can locate the alarm message using the app. Even from a distance.

Protection against burglary

Like an invisible protective shield, you protect your building from uninvited guests. It reliably detects intruders, reacts with conspicuously flashing lights and loud sound in order to end the foray immediately and to put the burglar on the run.

Neben dem Schutz vor Einbruch, bewahrt Sie das Loxone Smart Home vor weiteren lauernden Gefahren. Bei Feuer, Rauchbildung oder Wassereintritt alarmiert Sie das intelligente Gebäude sofort: Grell blinkendes Licht, ein Anruf oder eine Nachricht auf Ihr Handy,… Es unterstützt Sie sogar aktiv und öffnet bspw. die Beschattung um Fluchtwege frei zu machen.

Protection of the building

Life is always surprising. And exactly when we least expect it. The building protects itself by itself so that you are prepared for the most unexpected events. For example, it feels leaking water, registers open windows and doors, protects your shading from damage from wind and frost, and much more.

Intelligent smoke measurement system

The smoke detector Air detects smoke safely and reliably via its professional smoke measurement system with 16-fold measurements and triggers an alarm in an emergency. The intelligent smoke measurement also takes temperature fluctuations into account.


Perfectly integrable but independent

Thanks to the integrated Loxone Air module, the smoke alarm device can be integrated into the Loxone system. In the event of an alarm, a signal is sent to the mini server via Loxone Air technology, which can respond with additional alarm functions. Blinds up, emergency lights on, call.

Loxone Rauchmelder

Ideal protection against water damage

We recommend using the water detector in the laundry room (washing machine), kitchen (sink, dishwasher) and boiler room! The comparatively small investment can save you from high costs due to water damage.

Loxone Wassersensor Air
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