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Loxone Air - perfect for renovators and renovators

We have developed our own wireless technology especially for everyone who wants to bring more intelligence and incredible living comfort to their existing four walls. Loxone Air, perfect for all renovators and renovators. Air technology is also used in new buildings, for example for remote control or switching the sockets.
Super solid and reliable. No lifting. No rewiring. This is how you can turn your residential or commercial project into an intelligent building quickly and easily.

Alle Loxone Air Produkte sind Energieverbrauchsoptimiert. Eigens entwickelte Chips sorgen für niedrigsten Verbrauch.

Minimal consumption

All Loxone Air products are energy-efficient. Specially developed chips ensure the lowest possible consumption.

Alle Loxone Air Produkte sind voll updatefähig. Ihr Projekt bleibt also zukunftsfähig.

Update capability

All Loxone Air products can be fully updated. Your project remains sustainable.

Taste drücken und der gewünschte Befehl wird unmittelbar ohne wahrnehmbare Verzögerung ausgeführt.

Maximum speed

Press the key and the desired command is carried out immediately without any noticeable delay.

Jedes Produkt, das an einer dauerhaften Spannungsversorgung angeschlossen ist, erhöht die Reichweite.

Mesh technology

Every product that is connected to a permanent power supply increases the range.

Die Air Technologie und alle Air Produkte werden per Plug & Play in Betrieb genommen und arbeiten perfekt mit allen Loxone Komponenten zusammen.

100% tailored to Loxone

The Air technology and all Air products are put into operation via Plug & Play and work perfectly with all Loxone components.

Die Kommunikation zwischen Air Produkten ist mittels IPSec, dem aktuellen Sicherheitsstandard verschlüsselt.


Communication between Air products is encrypted using IPSec, the current security standard.

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