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With the Nano IO Air you can retrofit lights, shading, buttons and more in your customer projects. The flush-mounted module also offers two powerful 5A relays and six digital inputs.

  • Retrofit lights, shading, buttons and more
  • 2 powerful 5A relays
  • 6 digital inputs
  • CE certified and tested
  • Loxone Air - perfect for retrofit projects of any kind


For the integration of shading, lighting and Co.

Two powerful 5A relays enable the subsequent integration of shading and lighting into your Loxone Smart Home. Thanks to integrated Loxone Air radio technology, the Nano IO Air can be quickly integrated into your smart home by your Loxone partner without any great wiring effort! Perfect for retrofitters.


Integrated inputs for buttons & CO

Six integrated digital inputs create enough options for integrating buttons, existing switches, door contacts, water sensors and other digital sensors that are supplied via the 24V voltage output.


Fits perfectly in the flush-mounted box

With the dimensions of 53 x 53 x31 mm, the Nano IO Air is a compact flush-mounted module and fits into common flush-mounted box formats.


Loxone Touch suitable for the Nano IO Air

The Loxone Touch for Nano is the push-button module for the Nano IO Air. With a capacitive surface, five touch points and click feedback, the touch button is the Smart Home Control 2.0 and is now available as an accessory.

Now for the Loxone Touch


Low energy consumption

All Loxone Air products are optimized for low self-consumption. In standby mode, the consumption of the Nano IO Air is only 0.5 W.


Technical specifications

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1 x Nano IO Air

Nano IO Air

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