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Optimal room climate with the help of intelligent heating control, air conditioning & room ventilation

If the building takes care of the ideal indoor climate around the clock, this forms the basis for something wonderful. Happy people, free of any thoughts or movements about temperature, fresh air and humidity - that is exactly what awaits you at Loxone. Regardless of whether it's a smart home, office or commercial property.

Optimales Raumklima mithilfe intelligenter Heizungssteuerung, Klimaanlage & Raumlüftung

Easiest operation

Your individual comfort temperature awaits you in your rooms around the clock. But if you come home earlier or work longer and you want to change the room temperature, you can readjust the heating at any time via the app on your smartphone.

You can also use the app to make permanent adjustments to the temperature. You can choose between: presence (room temperature corresponds to your comfort temperature), absence (room goes into “economy mode”), off (room temperature remains under frost protection and under heat protection).

Discover the Loxone Smart Home App

Individual room control for a perfect room climate

The indoor climate has a major impact on our well-being and our performance. It is therefore equally important in smart homes, offices and commercial properties. Whether a pleasant 18 ° C at home in the bedroom or concentration-promoting 20 ° C in the office. Thanks to individual room control, you can enjoy the perfect comfortable temperature everywhere. And without any action on your part.

Einzelraumregelung für perfektes Raumklima
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