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The Loxone Service delivers precise weather and forecast data exactly for your location on your mini server:

  • precise weather data, exactly calculated for your location
  • perfect for automatic shading, temperature control &, more
  • numerous values, updated every hour, including forecasts
  • integrated directly into the Loxone apps
  • simple &, conveniently buy online, activate and use within minutes


Activate easily and conveniently within minutes

Step 1: buy

Buy the Loxone Weather Service in the web shop. You will receive the license key together with your invoice.

Step 2: activate *

Simply activate your service under “My Products” in the login area on our website by entering the license key.

Step 3: benefit

Immediately after activation, the weather service is available and you can use it immediately for your Loxone Smart Home, for example for automatic shading.


To use the weather service, the mini server must be connected to the Internet, since the weather data are queried from an external server.

Weather service 10 years

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