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Immediately informed when it matters with the Caller Service!

With the Caller Service you teach your miniserver to make calls. You are informed immediately when it matters!

In the event of an alarm, immediately informed by call, including the return channel
With the Caller Service you can have a call placed automatically in the event of an alarm. Your mini server can inform you by phone in the event of an alarm. Thanks to the return channel, you can also react immediately and acknowledge the alarm, for example.

Customize automatic notifications
Monitor any limit values with the miniserver and be informed automatically by phone. Your mini server can call you, for example, when a certain temperature is reached, or when the air quality is poor, or when water enters. Just as you like!

More security - reminder by phone call
The Caller Service helps you not to forget important tasks around the house. Example: The Caller Service can call you if the garage door is not closed by nightfall. No matter where you are, there are no call charges worldwide! Without hidden costs and without a subscription trap: your caller service is not automatically renewed.

Activate easily and conveniently
You will receive your license key for the Caller Service together with your invoice. You can activate your caller service easily and conveniently in the login area of our website under "My Products"!

To use the Caller Service, the mini server must be connected to the Internet, since the calls are made via an external server in our house.

Caller service 1 year

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