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Loxone - light control for every light on the market

Regardless of which light source you use in your building, Loxone illuminates every luminaire. From LED lights to halogen to light bulbs. We also support digital interfaces such as DMX and Dali.

Recessed LED spotlights - better known as LED spots

are the epitome of classic, but at the same time modern lighting. Since the advent of LEDs, they have been very economical and compact light sources. In other words, the LED spots impress with their high efficiency and directed light. Through the use of secondary optics, the LED's beam angle is focused, and you only have the light where you need it. A bundled, glare-free light beam emerges from the spot. In contrast to this is the well-known light bulb: This emits its light in a solid angle of 360 °.
Another - not insignificant - advantage of the LED spots is the "tidy" ceiling. This form of lighting is embedded unobtrusively in the interior design of the building and does its job in an exemplary manner. In order to take this aspect into account - but also to give you the opportunity to make conscious statements - we offer the  LED spots  in numerous designs and color combinations. Our credo is: "The decision should clearly lie with the customer and not with the dealer!"

LED spots RGBW - unique light characteristics

The LED Spots RGBW score with their simple, timeless design as well as with their unique light characteristics:


Diffuse, soft colored light

Diffuse light creates a pleasant and subtle lighting atmosphere and does not dazzle. The LED spots can shine in millions of different colors.

Loxone Spots

Directed, focused warm white light

Directed or bundled light ensures excellent illumination of the entire room.

Loxone light control for every light on the market

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