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Advance Paris: WTX StreamTubes

The WTX-StreamTubes is based on the successful and versatile WTX-StreamPro and brings with it the identical multimedia features of the network audio player from Advance Paris.

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In addition to the playback of high-quality audio material from PCs, servers or NAS systems in the home network, this also includes access to numerous streaming services. In addition to Spotify, numerous providers of high-resolution material such as Qobuz and TIDAL are supported. Internet radio reception is of course also possible, both TuneIn and vTuner are available. The WTX-StreamTubes is multi-room capable and offers support for AirPlay as well as DLNA. For simple wireless streaming via Bluetooth, the compact streaming player also has a proprietary port to which the optional X-FTB01 or X-FTB02 Bluetooth dongles from Advance Paris can be easily connected.

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