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Light and electrical calculator for the smart home


With dem Light and electrical calculator for the smart home  we present a simple but powerful tool exactly for the needs of the electrical planning  available!
A 24V power supply for the lighting has many advantages over the "classic" 230V. If you still consider the important features of this low system voltage, there is one successful and permanently functioning implementation  in the smart home nothing more in the way! In the following we will go into these peculiarities in more detail.


spot calculator

Wieviele LED-Spots brauche ich eigentlich pro Raum und sind Unterschiede bei den Raumgattungen (Küche, Bad ,… ) to consider?


circles of light

Wieviele getrennte Lichtkreise habe ich, und welche Anzahl an PWM-Dimmer brauche ich dafür?


power supply calculator

How many and especially which power supplies are required for my smart home?


voltage drop

Um frühzeitig den passenden Querschnitt der Kabel auszuwählen, ist Spannungsabfall über die Leitungen_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_to be observed!


Voltage drop in spot wiring

With it, the voltage can be adjusted perfectly from the first to the last LED-Spot 


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Light and electrical calculator for the smart home

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