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Mounting kit 2E-VH for Loxone Intercom NEW  with NFC CodeTouch. Rear assembly in sheet steel products. Consists of front panel, housing shell, screw set.


With this variant, the intercom with Codetouch can be used flush in V2A stainless steel assemblies such as letter boxes, house doors or steel bars.

For this purpose, a rectangular cutout is to be made in the steel structure; 4 welding studs are to be placed on the rear of the steel plate for fastening.

The component must be accessible from the rear / inside, e.g. via an inspection flap, so that assembly and connection can be carried out.


The 2 single frames required for the new intercom and a code touch are not included in our scope of delivery.

On the back, a housing shell is plugged into the front, into which the mounting frames available from Loxone can be mounted directly.

The housing shell hermetically seals the unit and directs the loudspeaker sound to the front through the left slot on the front panel.
The right slot is used for a symmetrical look.

There is a predetermined breaking point in the middle of each module position, which you break open as required and lead the supply line through. Here, too, you can additionally seal with acrylic after the cables have been routed.


The Codetouch generation 1 differs from the installation height. To compensate for this difference in height, we can supply a 0.3 mm PVC film on request, which is mounted under the PVC wall bracket of the old Codetouch. The foil must not be used when using the new Codetouch.


Additional Information

Weight 600 g
size 260 × 150 × 8 mm

100 x 210 mm, installation depth 13 mm


With 4 welding studs which must be attached to the back of the V2A

scope of delivery

8 countersunk screws for fastening the Loxone frame in the housing shell
4 pan head screws for fastening the housing shell to the front panel
A 0.3 mm thick compensating foil is always included in the scope of delivery of the 2E variants. This is to be installed between the housing shell and the assembly frame of the Codetouch for the assembly of the Codetouch Generation 1.


Custom-made products and cannot be exchanged!

Mounting kit type 2E-VH for mounting in letter boxes or steles

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