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The presence detector for ceiling installation is one of the most important sensors in intelligent building technology in many places. Thanks to reliable detection of presence and movement, it forms the basis for the automation of important functions such as lighting including constant brightness control, alarm, music, heating, ventilation & cooling and much more. The extremely flat presence detector fits perfectly with the Loxone LED spots and fits seamlessly into the overall picture.


  • Reliably detects movement and presence through PIR, presence and acoustic sensors
  • high detection area with a detection angle of 360 ° horizontally and 110 ° vertically (this corresponds to 8m detection diameter at 3m ceiling height)
  • integrated brightness sensor (measuring range 0… 83000 lx)
  • Adjustable threshold value for acoustic sensor for presence detection
  • Adjustable threshold value for acoustic sensor for alarming
  • Simple delimitation of the detection area using a sticker for the Fresnel lens


Unique multi-sensor technology: detection of movement, presence and brightness

A classic motion detector does not recognize a person if they are sitting in front of the TV set and not moving, for example, or if the detection area is blocked by an open door, for example. To enable reliable presence detection in all situations, we have developed the Loxone presence detector. Thanks to the integrated multi-sensor system, the presence detectors not only have a wide range of functions, in a typical project you can save additional detectors and thus help your customers save money.


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scope of delivery

1x presence detector ceiling installation Tree

Sticker to cover the Fresnel lens to limit the detection area

4x connecting clamps


Presence detector ceiling installation Tree

PriceFrom €108.32
Excluding VAT
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