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World first: Integrate your Froling solid fuel heating into your Loxone Smart Home For a needs-based boiler control based on the Loxone individual room control.

  • targeted boiler control based on space requirements
  • precise determination of the flow temperature
  • Targeted energy use For up to 30% energy cost savings
  • everything at a glance: status of the heating circuit pumps, various boiler values, buffer, boiler and flow temperature
  • For up to 18 heating circuits, 8 boilers, 4 buffers
  • Fault notification by email or call
  • compatible For all Froling heaters with software version 5.11
  • can be integrated into the Loxone Smart Home from Loxone Config 6.4


scope of delivery

1x Froling extension

1x Froling adapter DB9

Fröling Extension

SKU: 100158
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