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With the new Internorm Extension, you can easily integrate the Internorm control elements I-tec ventilation and I-tec shading into the Loxone Smart Home and get the most out of it: from networking with other house functionalities to simple operation.

  • Complete integration of Internorm I-tec ventilation to implement intelligent living space ventilation
  • complete integration of I-tec shading - enables fully automatic shading
  • Control of up to 40 Internorm I-tec components
  • easy configuration via Loxone Config


Ventilate, shade and more

The Loxone Smart Home knows your needs. It knows when I-tec ventilation and I-tec shading should become active because it knows the date and time, location and sunrise and sunset.
With additional sensors you can implement the fully automatic control of your Loxone Smart Home


Ventilate as needed without a handle

Fresh air is not only extremely important for our health. Without regular ventilation, you also risk damage to the building structure through mold and moisture. Fresh air is automatically provided in the Loxone Smart Home - with the Internorm I-tec ventilation individually for each room, with the help of various sensors and settings:


The more you stay in the room, the more often the ventilation is active.


Define the times in which ventilation should be carried out individually!


I-tec ventilation in the Loxone Smart Home remains inactive in the event of moisture and heat.

CO2 concentration

Ventilation takes place long before CO2 levels are too high to cause headaches.


The decentralized ventilation enables temperature control at room level.

Easy to use

If you want something different, just click the button or tap on the phone.


Shade fully automatically

With the integration of I-tec shading in the Loxone Smart Home, you can enjoy maximum comfort in your home, with the highest level of security and optimal use of energy. Sensors, weather data and time enable fully automatic shading control.


Depending on the radiation and the position of the sun, your shading knows what to do.

Privacy screen

Automatic privacy screen for an undisturbed evening.


For the desired feel-good temperature: Use solar energy or shade.

Maximum light

There is always enough light in the Loxone Smart Home, despite shading.

Presence simulation

In your absence, the Loxone Smart Home acts as if no one has left.

Good morning Good Night

All the blinds are down for a good night's sleep, daylight wakes you up in the morning.

Easy to use

If you want something different, just click the button or tap on the phone.


Expansion options

With the connection of Internorm I-tec and the Loxone Miniserver via the Internorm Extension, there are numerous other areas of application beyond the intelligent window control. The Loxone mini server as the central, intelligent heart of your home summarizes all areas of application. Ordinary buttons and simple controls are integrated into the system as well as PV systems and other complex systems.


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Internorm Extension

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Internorm Extension

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