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The new wall speaker from Loxone convinces with its solid construction, simple design and perfect sound. Whether on the wall or on the shelf - the wall speaker sounds good! Perfect for retrofitters.

  • perfect sound (2 woofers, 1 tweeter)
  • solid chassis
  • simple design
  • easy installation
  • removable front cover
  • perfect stereo sound with 2 wall speakers
  • can be placed anywhere


Perfect in sound

The passive wall speaker is equipped with two woofers and a tweeter in the high-end chassis and perfectly matched. The structure perfectly supports the sound characteristics of the wall speaker. There is no annoying background noise due to the vibrating plastic housing!


Massive construction

The PVC-coated wooden chassis not only ensures a secure stand when used as a shelf or table speaker, it also has a positive influence on the sound quality. An impressive 3.4 kilograms - there's nothing left to add.


Sounds good everywhere

The Wall Speaker is designed for easy attachment to the wall, but it can also be placed anywhere else without any problems. On the shelf, in the study, in the kitchen ... The wall speaker sounds good everywhere!


Technical specifications

Dimensions 440 x 180 x 80mm Max. Resilience 50W Impedance 8 ohms Max. Volume 86dB frequency 20 ... 20000Hz Weight 3.4kg Protection class IP20


scope of delivery

1x Loxone Wall Speaker

1x assembly template

2x screws + dowels

Wall Speaker

SKU: 200153
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